I am a certified Career and Leadership coach (ACC, CPCC). I am truly passionate about this work – I believe that through coaching and similar supportive approaches, we can change the world for the better, one person at a time.

I am drawn to doing this work because now, more than ever, I feel we need to be the change, and I have the tools and the passion to really contribute to that.

Coaching means transformation

Clients come to me because they are struggling with something important and fundamental to them. They are very likely aware that they need to instigate change somehow and have no doubt tried many things but haven’t as yet found a solution.

Specifically, when I work with a client, I am helping them find relief from anxiety, procrastination and avoidance, to overcome their lack of confidence often coupled with a lack of direction –  the impact of which can be hugely significant both at home and at work.

What you care about

I suspect that if you’ve landed here, you care deeply about being true to yourself while connecting to others, and the world around you. A lot of your energy and time goes into putting your thirst of learning into action for the sake of a meaningful life, because it lights you up!

My clients are playful, kind and full of energy

They have fun personalities and aren’t afraid to try new things; I’d say that’s down to them being curious and open-minded and nothing fills me up more than spending my time with these lively individuals.

If that sounds like you, then we might be a perfect fit!

I have a dream for you...

Of course, coaching is very different from consulting and mentoring. You set the agenda and goals rather than me giving solutions or trying to “fix” you.

This way, you become autonomous and self-empowered and not reliant on others to give you all the answers.

This is the magic of coaching. We train our clients to see their own innate abilities and resourcefulness!

And on top of this, I yearn for my clients to experience a life filled with adventure, purpose and meaning where they get to create positive ripples and wake up feeling excited and ready to take on new challenges.

Because life is finite, and there’s so much on offer.

This matters to me because...

You are not alone. I’ve been in your shoes. 

Early in my career, I have experienced lack of motivation and direction, a bit like going through the motions, and everything I did felt meaningless. Then, cue emotional burnout which made me feel like I was stuck in quicksand – the more I tried to escape, the more I was being pulled down. 

It was not a nice feeling. 

It taught me that work without meaning was a sure way to miss out on what life has to offer. I had a yearning to do something that made a difference, and my life would not be wasted doing things that don’t bring me joy. It takes courage to stop moving aimlessly and it’s easier to find distractions to numb that feeling of irrelevance. 

Yet, by deepening my self-awareness and taking meaningful action, I have learned to chart a path to a fulfilling life. 

And that’s why I’m here today. 

I believe that we all have an important role to play, if only we took the time to reconnect with ourselves. Being fully resonant with our purpose is how we build a better word, for ourselves and for others.

My Credentials

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), trained to help individuals and organisations create positive and lasting change.

Co-Active Coaching is a style of coaching that emphasizes the coach and client working together as partners to identify and achieve their goals.

As a CPCC, I operate from a holistic perspective, taking into account all aspects of your life, and working with you to create an actionable plan to achieve your goals.
The focus is on empowering you to make changes and take ownership of your life and work.

Ready to take your leadership to the next level?