• 10 Easy Habits For A Positive Attitude At Work (And Life)
    You know, some days, all you can see are the negative things in your life: losing your keys, missing the bus, the laptop crashing during your presentation, and so on… Over the years, I’ve learnt to reframe my thoughts to focus more on the positive. It’s not easy and doesn’t always work. And since humans … Read more
  • How To Find Purpose At Work (+ FREE Workbook)
    I still remember the day I decided to take control of my career. It was in 2016 and I was working as an accountant for a music label. I didn’t really have anything to complain about: the job, the environment, the people – everything was great… on paper. But I just wasn’t fulfilled. Not easy … Read more
  • How To (Really) Work From Home In 10 Practical Tips
    No doubt about it, working from home is here to stay! I have always been a supporter of working from home and started doing it years ago. For me, it is a way to focus on deep work, something I find difficult in the office because of the constant interruptions. My day feels longer and … Read more
  • Don’t Believe Everything You Think: How To Reframe Your Thoughts With The Self-Coaching Model
    “I am not worthy of that promotion.”  “I just don’t have enough experience.”  “No one listens to me.” “ My colleagues don’t like me.” “It’s impossible to make money doing what you love.” To some of you, those thoughts might be familiar. I know they’ve popped up in my head a few times… But that’s … Read more
  • Why Changing Industries Could Benefit Your Career (7 Reasons)
    Have you ever thought about changing industries? I’m not talking about career change here, although that could be part of the deal. No, I’m talking about industry change. In other words, you are looking at leveraging your current skillset to switch industry instead of starting from scratch. This is what I’ve done a few years … Read more
  • 20 Essential Email Productivity Tips To Do More With Less
    Have you ever wasted countless hours, if not days, managing your inbox? I certainly have. And the prevalence of remote working nowadays does not make it easier. Picture it. You start the day with great intentions, you’ve thought about your “big threes”, the stuff that will move the needle the most and that you need … Read more
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    Have you ever wondered how to reinvent yourself? We all feel lost and out of sync at times, but when the feeling persists, it is difficult to see the wood from the tree and take action to make life happen for us. “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” Tony Robbins In this … Read more
  • 17 Powerful Actions You Can Take Today To Boost Career Progression
    I wasn’t always fully aware of it but one of my biggest motivators at work since I’ve started my professional journey has been career progression. To me, career progression is not merely about making more money, authority or status. As a life-long learner, career progression means that I am constantly growing and becoming a better … Read more
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    You hear it everywhere: successful people wake up early.   It’s hard not to be tempted and give it a try. Who doesn’t want to be successful? I wanted to figure this out for myself. So I decided to bite the bullet and commit to waking up at 5 AM for a month.  In this post, … Read more
  • Why Honesty Is The Best Policy
    Have you ever made a mistake so bad that your automatic reaction was to try and hide it? What did you end up doing?  There are so many occurrences in life whereby honesty is not an easy road. Think about when you meet new people, or someone asks for your advice. We want people to … Read more
  • 9 Practical Tips to Focus on The Good In 2021
    As I write this, we are reflecting upon one year of national lockdown in the United Kingdom. And guess what? We’re still in lockdown!  It can be difficult to focus on the good in this context.  If you were like most people, you’d have spent the last few weeks complaining about lockdown rules, the lack … Read more
  • 5 Great Books To Fast-Track Your Career
    So how do you fast-track your career? At some point in your career, your expertise (“hard skills”) won’t be enough to progress. Instead, the focus shifts to the “soft skills”: communication, leadership, negotiation, etc… These, you learn through time and experience. But what if there was a way to distil the experience, knowledge and wisdom … Read more
  • 21 Ideas to Make The Most Of Your Lunch Break
    Earlier this week, I attended a meeting on ways of working. One thing we discussed was whether to have a policy against eating at the desk. I was surprised to hear that, for some, even 5 minutes away from the desk was not acceptable: they had work to do! Don’t get me wrong, my workdays … Read more
  • What Are Your Strengths? Find Out! (6 Proven Methods)
    Let me ask you a question: what are you NOT good at?  Chances are, you can easily come up with a long list and fill up a whole page with your weaknesses. I know I can. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – knowing your weaknesses will help you focus your attention (and intention) on … Read more
  • Why Spreading Happiness At Work Matters (+ 21 Ways)
    What a weird year it has been.  We’ve all been affected in some way by the global pandemic and have had to adapt our ways of working. That’s one thing. But what really gets to a lot of people are the bad news all around.  Are you disturbed by the constant cascade of depressing news? … Read more
  • The Ultimate Weekly Work Plan For Productive People
    I watched a brilliant Ted Talk yesterday called “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” by Tim Urban. At the end, Tim shows what he calls a “life calendar” with a box for every week of a 90-year life. It looks like this: What strikes me is that there aren’t that many boxes! So, how … Read more
  • Sharpen Your Focus – 10 Tips For Better Focus At Work
    Do you have the feeling that life is getting busier by the day? I certainly do. In the last 12 months, I started my first senior management role, became a dad again, started a blog, a business, and investing. Busy year! But what is crystal clear is that to achieve more, you need to sharpen … Read more
  • Here’s How To Deal With Difficult Bosses Effectively
    Summer 2014.  It was a beautiful sunny day in London and I decided to go for a walk in my lunch break. I had had a busy and productive morning at work. Everything was going well. I should have been feeling happy and relaxed during this walk.  But something just wasn’t right. I had a … Read more
  • 8 Healthy Habits to Radically Boost Your Energy
    I was reflecting this morning on the changes I’ve made to develop healthy habits in the last two years.  One thing that kept coming up was that my energy levels are so much higher now than they used to be. And that’s with the addition of 2 children, a demanding job, running the blog and … Read more
  • How To Quit Your Job Like A Pro (5 Steps)
    Have you ever thought about leaving your job? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t (I certainly have!). But sometimes, it’s difficult to differentiate a dry spell from longer term job dissatisfaction. So how to quit your job? One thing I’ve learned, over the years, is that the key to a successful transition is understanding WHY. … Read more
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    In this post, I explain why being authentic at work matters and share 5 practical steps to cultivate your authentic steps.
  • Anxious? Make Your Next Meeting A Success (8 Tips)
    I attend meetings. A lot. But despite years of experience and an appearance of calm and control, I still feel anxiety in meetings. The way we conduct business won’t change, and you can’t ignore your emotions (not sustainably, anyway….). So, years ago, I decided to channel that anxiety and use it to help me grow. … Read more
  • How To Be Happy At Work (9 Ways)
    There are a ton of things you can do to make life at work easier, but to be really happy takes a bit of self-reflection and work on yourself. Here, I share 9 ways to be happy at work from my personal experience and years of practice. Some of these tips can be a bit … Read more